Thank you Mimi for listening and letting me get some things out of my system. Sometimes having another point of view helps put me back on track. I know this is what you do, but you are listening and helping with your heart and that is something you don’t have to do. It means a lot to me, and I thank you for it.


I wanted to thank you because what you do and the way you do it is really a big help to me. What I am saying is that I am seeing a difference in how I think. When situations happen that make me feel paralyzed or overwhelmed, I remember some strategies we talked about and it helps me come out of my block. It’s really working! Thank you again.


Anna seems like she has matured so much since she has been seeing you. I believe it has to be the coaching that has made the difference. Not only did your support help her adjust to life away from home, but she passed all of her classes last quarter and got two A’s! Thank you for all you have done and we will definitely be back in touch in the fall.


Mimi has so much experience to offer. There were so many positive and simple suggestions and ideas in her coaching that could improve the quality of my day and reduce my stress as the parent of ADHD children.  I highly recommend her.


I just wanted to tell you how much you’ve helped me. I’ve gotten more done in the three months we’ve worked together than in the 10 years before. Really! This has had a profound effect on my life and I’m so appreciative.


Hi Mimi, As you know, I was just diagnosed with ADD a few years ago and have tried a couple different medicines and worked with a therapist who specializes in ADD. I just wanted to tell you that you have helped me more than anything I’ve tried so far. I still have my setbacks, but l feel so much more hope now because the changes are coming from inside of me.


She possesses an exceptional combination of professionalism and geniality. I felt Mimi fully understood where I was in my life – and where I wanted to go. With her knowledge of the complex difficulties women with ADHD face, Mimi has helped me manage my overwhelming sense of chaos, and has shown me a path of possibilities.


I’m a 29 year old woman and began working with Mimi in my early 20s. I was diagnosed with ADHD my first year in college and the diagnosis came after a terrible year of struggle in school – not for a lack of being interested in my classes, but due to struggling with how to manage my ADHD. Mimi is thoughtful, kind, and a phenomenal coach. I saw her off and on for about three years and always felt our time was immensely valuable. I wish everyone could work with someone like Mimi because her compassion and coaching helped me find tools that have made nearly every aspect of my life easier. Mimi helped me break down big ideas, get through dry texts, and remain focused, and much more, I was able to identify the struggles I had with ADHD. I believe that knowing how your ADHD uniquely affects you is critical for developing the self-awareness that will help you manage and navigate it. I used to worry about being able to hold a job and achieve my career dreams, but with the skills and awareness I learned from Mimi, and how I’ve been able to build off that knowledge for the last decade, I have much greater confidence. Mimi is a gem that will help teach you to advocate for and understand yourself. I’ve been so lucky to work with her and am forever grateful for how she’s changed my life!

PSM 10/17/2019

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